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The diaphragm separators are used to protect pressure gauges from fluids which can be, crystallizing, aggressive, toxic, harmful, viscous, adhesive and dangerous for environment and people. Consisting of a welded membrane made of suitable materials based on the fluid to be measured, the pressure separator satisfies even the most strin- gent safety requirements and measurement.

Thanks to a huge selection of transmission fluids which hydraulically transmit the pressure from the diaphragm to the measuring instrument, the separator also has unlimited applications thanks to the many type of connection on the process and materials of construction.

We mention a few examples:

MSE Membrane separator with threaded connection, which is used as a generic separator, as it allows to measure almost all the pressures thanks to the possibility of using more or less wide flanges depending on the uses. Mainly used in process applications.

MSE/A Tri-Clamp membrane, mainly used in sterile environments, thanks to the aid of a clamp, thanks to the aid of a clamp it allows the integration in the process in a fast and simple way. These separators are suitable for pharma- ceutical and chemical applications.

MSE/S Diaphragm seal DIN 11851, particularly suitable in food industry. The assembly of this separator to the pro- cess take place by simply screwing the separator round nut onto the threaded connection of the process. The main use of these separators take place in different stages of the food chain, for example in filling systems, in pasteuriza- tion machines or level meters ( wine tank) or simple filtration and separation.



  • Food industry MSE/S ( dairy, wine, brewery, beverage etc..)
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry MSE/A
  • Corrosive fluids, high temperature, viscous MSE
  • Petrochemical industry MSE


  • Easy removal for cleaning and / or inspection MSE/A – MSE/S
  • Wide choice of process connections and construction materials MSE


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